Current Love: Colored Lacquers on Wood Furniture

flat table peeled

Sharing similarities to the paint-dipped mini-trend, I noticed more wood furniture that exhibit strong color accents. I love it! It feels fun yet sophisticated. This makes these pieces easy to live with which means that you can justify the investment. I highlight some of my favorite pieces. I would welcome any of these in my interior.

For Your Dining Room

flat table
photo credits: Flat Table by Jo Nagasaka for Schemata Architecture Office

My ultimate favorite is the tables by Japanese designer Jo Nagasaka of Schemata Architecture Office. Which girl could resist that fluorescent pink epoxy finish? I can’t! Jo Nagasaka started to apply the epoxy coats to smooth and regulate the table tops of antique tables. I find that the effect is stunning.

For Your Bedroom

French product designer Allan George repurposed beechwood and pine wood from old pallets into a beautiful sunny bedside table called Decale. I like it for its simple lines.

decale beside table by allan george
photo credits: Decale beside table by Allan George

For Your Home Office

Founded by designer Gesa Hansen who grew up in a scandinavian family of carpenters, designers and architects, The Hansen Family label is a small atelier that produces ecologically grown wood furniture with a “new Scandinavian design” look and feel. I like what she has. I also became a fan of her blog that is filled with good design from around the globe, including Japan. Fun facts about Gera Hansen are that she studied design in Japan, worked from Paris since 2009 and The Hansen Family atelier is in Germany.

remix desk by the hansen family
photo credits: Remix Desk by Gera Hansen for The Hansen Family label

My favorite piece from her classic collection share similarities with my own home office desk. Gera Hansen’s Remix Desk is a modern twist on the classic Davenport. The removable colorful compartments appear to be at the same level as the worktop and they seem to hide some of the content. The collection includes larger containers with the same style than the ones on the desk; you can use them to store larger items.

For the Kids

stacked teacups bookcase

Kids rooms and playrooms deserve funky bookcases. The stacked teacups  bookcase crafted by Scott Blackwell would certainly inspire many “Alice in Wonderland” tea parties. Since the pieces are made on order, you can specify the colors. Available for $675 from WoodCurve on Etsy.

+ top photo credits: Flat Table Peeled by Jo Nagasaka | via Design Boom

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