Cranberry Sparkler: 5 Variations from Tokyo Terrace

Cranberry sparkler recipes

Cranberry juice is an easy way to give a cocktail festive flavour and colour. It pairs well with vodka, gin or tequila. You can also substitute cranberry for orange juice in a brunch-standard mimosa – just top it with champagne or sparkling wine, like Prosecco. For a non-alcoholic version, try sparkling mineral water or ginger ale.

Providing simple syrups made with fresh herbs and citrus fruits to mix with the cranberry sparkler, as shown on Tokyo Terrace, is a creative way to offer several drink options, especially if your bar budget is limited. Since the cranberry sparkler is a simple combination that doesn’t require complicated techniques or additional bar tools, you could even set up a tasting station so guests can sample all of the flavors available.

To garnish the drinks, be sure to provide citrus slices, sprigs of herbs and frozen cranberries: use them in place of ice to keep drinks cool or pretty up a punch bowl.

+ Cranberry sparkler simple syrup recipes from Tokyo Terrace