Cool Oma Lemon Squeezer by Tonfisk

More gift ideas for the Holiday season. This time, I celebrate the beautiful creativity of Finnish design.

tonfisk oma lemon squeezer in black or white

Susanna Hoikkala and Jenni Ojala designed Oma, a white ceramic lemon squeezer that you can bring to the table. You pour the juice from the small opening. This 2002 design kept its charm.

Get it Rare Device or Nest Living. Rare Device only has two in stock. Nest Living has Free shipping until December 31, 2008. The black ceramic Oma costs $10 more.

More Gift Ideas

tonfisk warm coffee and tea gift set

For Christmas or as a wedding gift, you cannot go wrong with the Warm Coffee and Tea Gift Set. Bracelets of laminated bent wood help insulate the liquids and act as the handles. The gift set includes 2 cups, a serving tray, a high quality stainless steel tea diffuser and a pot with your choice of a ceramic or cork lid. I preferred the modern rustic look of the cork lid.

tonfisk maku serving plates :: newton milk and sugar set

I introduced in the past two products by Tonfisk: the Maku serving plates series and the Newton milk and sugar set.

+ Oma Lemon Squeezer by Tonfisk, $49 USD at Nest Living
+ Tonfisk Warm Coffee and Tea Gift Set in Oak or Walnut, $225 USD at Greener Grass Design
+ Tonfisk MAKU Serving Gift Set in Oak or Walnut, $109-$189 USD at Nest Living
+ Tonfisk Newton Milk and Sugar Set, $64 USD at Nest Living