Cool Kitchen Tools from Vacu Vin

pineapple corer tool

pineapple corer tool

One of the more practical (yet utterly unsentimental) wedding gifts my husband and I received was a humble pineapple corer in a basket of miscellaneous kitchen tools. Turns out it was actually a last minute registry addition, courtesy of my pineapple-loving betrothed.

For more than a year it sat tucked in a drawer, forgotten amongst the minutiae of kitchen tools we all accumulate. But when my craving for fresh fruit salad last week coincided with a super sale on pineapple at the grocery store, I decided to finally put our corer to the test.

Made of stainless steel with a plastic release handle, this inexpensive tool from Vacu Vin works like a corkscrew to core, peel and slice pineapple into a spiral shape that would add interest at the center of a fruit platter. It also comes apart for easy clean up. If you’ve ever avoided buying pineapple because of the added work it takes to peel and chop, this cool tool will sweeten the deal.

vacu vin kitchen tools

Netherlands-based Vacu Vin also makes several other innovative and stylish kitchen tools, such as a kiwi guard that protects the fruit from bruising and includes a built-in slicer; a salad cutter that cores a head of lettuce or other leafy greens; and an award-winning set of colorful candy/nut dispensers that help keep snacking hygienic.

What’s your favorite kitchen tool?

+ Vacu Vin Pineapple Corer from Amazon $28.75
+ Vacu Vin Kiwi Guard from Amazon $9.42
+ Vacu Vin Salad Cutter from Amazon $9.61
+ Vacu Vin PopSome Fruit and Nut Dispensers from Amazon $39.45 (set of 3)

  • jennifer@nicolejanehome
    February 2, 2011 at 11:51

    What a brilliant little gadget. Now I have to have one 🙂