Cool Gift Ideas for the Wine Lover

gift ideas for wine lover

1. Vinturi

At last, a wine aerator that works as you pour your glass of wine. It can also be used with wine carafes. Vinturi has been praised by wine connoisseurs because it enhances multiple elements of the wine. It does more than reduce the tannin. Since this gadget will be a hit with your guests, place at least 2 Vinturi on the wine station.

2. Ravi

I am happy to praise an innovation from where I live. Well-known Québec designer Michel Dallaire imagined Ravi, an instant wine chiller that you put on the neck of the wine bottle. This revolutionary concept cool your wine to the ideal temperature instantly. Ravi keeps working for more than an hour after you take it out of the freezer.

3. Jacob Wagner’s Wine Thermometer

Designed in 2007, this plastic and stainless steel minimalist digital thermometer easily attaches to any wine bottle. Beware that it only measures temperature in Fahrenheit.

The last two gift ideas will please the Hostess as well as the wine lover.

4. Wine Tasting Kits

The festive look of the Oenophilia Wine Tasting kit will not intimidate your guests. The kit provides six individually numbered cloth bags and a wine tasting score-pad.

Beginners may prefer The Wine Tasting Party Kit: Everything You Need to Host a Fun & Easy Wine Tasting Party at Home. This kit comes with a 64-page illustrated book and Cheat sheet of tasting terms.

5. Vinotagz by Modern-Twist

Available in basic solid colors and several designed patterns, the beauty of the Vinotagz is that you can write on those infinitely. Use a ballpoint pen to scribble your name, initials or the type of wine you’re drinking.

Join this to the bottle of wine you are bring to the hostess. You will double impress you’re the gift recipient by sitting the storage box on the neck of a wine bottle.

+ Vinturi Wine Aerator – $63.79 USD, lot of 2
+ Ravi Instant Wine Chiller – $49.99 USD
+ Wine Thermometer by Jacob Wagner – $36 USD at MoMA store
+ Wine Tasting Kit by Oenophilia – $19.99 USD
+ Modern-Twist Vinotagz Basic – $12 USD for 6 tags
+ Modern-Twist Vinotagz Designed – $14 USD for 6 tags

  • Nils
    November 10, 2008 at 22:55

    Love this entry – it has come just at the right time.

  • wine lover
    May 24, 2009 at 08:16

    These are great ideas….I have also found a great collection of handmade unique wine glass charms at
    I give them to the hostess of the holiday parties I attend.

  • Wine Gift Ideas
    March 25, 2011 at 22:20

    Love your selection of gift ideas. I was browsing for new ideas, and I especially like number one and three. Thanks