Cool Doormats by Couper Croiser

cool doormats by couper croiser

cool doormats by couper croiser

Outdoor doormats nicely greet your visitors while an indoor doormat keep your home clean. It also a way to indicate to your visitors where to put their boots. For the Holiday season, the perfect hostess will make sure that they are enough place of her mats for all the guests’ boots.  One feature that I like about doormats by Couper Croiser is that they work like tiles, which means that you can make them as big or small as your need.

Couper Croiser is a Montreal-based design studio founded in 2006 by two industrial designers. They created a line of  robust, non-slip, water-resistant doormats with fun modern designs. The Welcome mat has a “je ne sais quoi”. If you put 2 rows of the ruler mat, you will be able to squeeze more pairs of boots in the 8 designed spots. In fact, the ruler door mat is probably my favorite model.

branch door mat by couper croiser

When used in duo, you can configure the Branch doormats in two ways. Both have their charm.

street number :: numerical door mat

The Numerical doormat has a second duty; it indicates your street number or apartment number. Clever! You can find these doormats at Urban Mode in Toronto and at a few design boutiques in Montreal.

+ Welcome doormat $89 CAD at Montreal Designers
+ Ruler mat $99
+ Branch doormat $89
+ Numerical doormat $99
+ Store Locator for Couper Croiser’s products

  • Tom Foolry
    December 5, 2011 at 14:50

    Wow, those have got to be some of the most unique outdoor doormats that I’ve ever seen! I like how it can either be very contrasty, or you could add some red for color and added style!

  • Mariana
    September 19, 2012 at 09:33

    Hello! I like you doormats. They are wonderful!
    Where can I purchase them?

    Mrs. Reynolds