Cool Cupcakes at Les Glaceurs

les glaceurs on saint-sulpice street in old montrealAfter lunch, my friend H. wanted a cupcake. This is how I discovered this cool ice cream and cupcake place in the heart of Old Montreal. You can see the side of Notre-Dame Cathedral while you are eating sweets at Les Glaceurs.

I was not hungry so I did not taste one. After the fact, I was hungry around 5pm. So I regretted not having bought a cupcake for take-out.

For your information, we typically eat dinner between 8 and 10pm so eating a cupcake at 5pm would not have ruined my appetite.

The Décor

The fun décor and girly colors please me. Instead of the retro vibe, they went with modern counters. The eating area has reference to the French bistro.

In fact, you could reuse their color palette for a birthday party or a baby shower. It looks festive. The palette is ideal for any kids party. The medium to dark wood brings sophistication to the decor.

A rough estimate tells me that they serve between 8 and 10 flavors every day. I spot on Les Glaceurs Web site 18 flavors.

Since their next door neighbor is a wonderful Chinese tea house, I can plan an tasting excursion another day.

+ Les Glaceurs – site only in French