Cool and Practical Ideas for Children’s Rooms

The other day a girlfriend mentioned the increasing newborn rates amongst her friends. She said that she wants to know which are the cool baby gears and that she counted on me to scour fabulous finds.

dwell beddings for boys

I started by compiling the best tips on designing children’s rooms. For once, I selected pictures of boy rooms.

Nursery Decor

Do not be afraid to stay ahead from the predictive bunny and duck baby room themes. Instead opt for something unique, something that speaks to you. As parents, you will pass many hours in the nursery. Make sure the nursery is both comfortable and appealing to your taste.

If you think outside the box it is not hard to infuse a sense of playfulness, originality and refinement in a nursery. Over the last decade, a new crop of baby furniture and modern gears invade the market. New parents have alternatives to the big chains style.

You can infuse traditional warmth or add an classic touch to a room with modern furniture. Or vice versa. Eclectic décor continues to be a hot trend so feel free to mix old and new.

Recycle my idea of using a toy as the inspiration for a first party birthday tips to décor a nursery. Do not forget that the nursery is your last chance you will be the only one having a say in your kid room.

Toddlers and Up

As soon as they become toddlers, you slowly implement their taste. Plenty of parents concurred on that matter. Toddlers need a huge amount of storage. You will be amazed by how much toys they can accumulate. The rule of thumb is to estimate what you need and double it.

Install storage as much as possible at a toddler height. The quicker they learn how to store their stuff, the more time you have for yourself. Whenever possible, select systems that you can easily elevate as they grow.

Kids like vibrant colors but their taste quickly changes. Opt for muted or neutral colors for expensive pieces and limit the bold colors to accent pieces. Painting walls is a weekend job. You can let your kids have their way if it harmonizes well with the design.

Money Saving Tips

Buying used furniture for nursery saves money. Go for cribs that convert into toddler bed. Several brands offer conversion kits.

Think long term and buy a chest desk or storage unit at birth that can be used until your kids leave home. For more versatility, go for a wood construction that can be painted to adapt the look. Putting new handles creates an instant facelift.

+ Images from Dwell Studio – Beddings for Babies and Kids
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