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I have a thing for paper goods. One of the most inspiring brands over the last decade is Snow and Graham. I follow their progress for a while now.

Snow and Graham recently launched a new Web site. The new Web site is beautifully done but sadly they opt for an entire Flash site. It is hard to believe that brands still do that in this age of social community.

I can forgive them because Snow and Graham makes amazing products. As I laid my eyes on their catalogue, I was in awe. The patterns are stunning.

Snow and Graham produces beautiful calendars. I hang several big calendars at home and at the office. I am tired of the square box look with a picture on the top page. I will go for something different next year. Snow and Graham’s calendar collection is lovely.

I adore their everyday letterpress cards. They have models for every occasion from birthdays, anniversaries to newborns, showers and congratulations.


If you wonder why I do not like Flash sites from a user’s perspective, it is because you cannot bookmark a page in del.icio.us or on any other social networks I used. This means, I will lose time to find the info I am looking for the next time I need it. I cannot direct you to the proper link either. In their case, the exact same look and feel can be achieved with a CSS HTML Web site while using a Flash engine for their photo gallery.

If you wish for the best search engine optimized Web site or a site that people will want to visit often on their iPhone to show to their friends, opt for something else than a Flash Web site. That’s it for sharing my two cents in Web design. Old habits are hard to die; I used to be a Web designer.

Going Back To Paper Goods

I am also due for new noteBLOCKS. I guess I will be visiting Origami Plus on Greene Avenue in Westmount, Quebec pretty soon. I need to go in Westmount anyway to exchange a defective cake stand I bought at Zone for the Corn Roast Cupcakes.

Snow and Graham products are only available through retailers. Check their Web site to locate a store near you.

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