Commute in Style with a Wood Bike by Renovo

Renovo Bamboo Commuter bike

These wood bikes are absolutely gorgeous. They are pieces of craftsmanship that you should enjoy riding for the long time. They have panache.

The Pandurban is a fully equipped, four season commuter. It will make the envy of your co-workers with these features:

  • Shift the 9 speed SRAM hub with a simple twist of the wrist, even when stopped.
  • All-weather disc brakes and fenders
  • The lights works with a generator. This means that you won’t change the batteries. Both front and rear lights remain on several minutes after you stop.
  • Heavy duty, powder-coated steel fork laughs at nasty urban pot-holes.
  • A super sturdy rack carries the gear you need for a day or a week.
  • Michelin 700-32c puncture-resistant City tires with reflector sidewall.

If you wish for a simpler bike. The Bambooter Commuter is a 3 speed bike that offers the same smooth ride as the Pandurban.

Why Would You Want a Wood Frame?

Besides their beauty, there are other reasons to select a wood frame bike. First, producing a wood bike frame creates less damage to the environment than building a carbon, an aluminum or a steel bike frame.

Renovo R4 Pursuit Road Bike

Now with the advance of technology, they are able to create a durable wood frame. The Renovo wood frame has much greater impact resistance than butted metal or carbon bike frames. Plus:

  • Wood absorbs vibration better than steel, aluminum or carbon, producing a smoother ride
  • The fatigue life of wood exceeds steel or aluminum, and approaches carbon

Renovo will custom built your bike. You can select between 15 hardwoods and softwoods. The laminated bamboo is the greener option. They produce several models of commuter bikes and road bikes. They cost about the same as a carbon frame bike.

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+ Via Inhabitat and Core77

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