Comments Are Now Moderated On At Home with Kim Vallee

kim vallee at Cafe Melies for a YULBiz event :: Alain Theriault

I am the victim of prolific spammers this week. I installed an anti-spam software on the comments but as you may know, it takes time to train it properly.

August 3rd, 2008 Update: I am happy to report that I found another way to keep these bad weeds outside. Therefore, your comments are usually published right away. There are cases where I need to approve the comment before it is posted online.

I still validate every comment. I will delete any comment that I deem to be a spam or a comment with inappropriate language.

Therefore, I start moderating the comments before they are published. Do not be surprised if your comment does not show up right away.

The system will tell you that your comment will show up soon. Interpret this as meaning Your comment is awaiting moderation.

I will clarify the message but I need the brain of my geek husband to do it.

BTW, I wish to receive more comments from my readers. It is important to get your feedback. Do not be shy to share your views.

Image of Kim Vallee and Alain Thériault taken by Renee Wathelet