Colors for the New Office

new office colors

We are moving to a new office space in two weeks. This explains why I have been less active on my blog as I am dealing with suppliers and must coordinate the work to be done before the move.

The painters are scheduled for Monday. Our office space is basically a large rectangle. The front, open space room plus a closed office at the back. There is a closed room with no window that will be use for storage.

This is the office of the Web development company of my husband and I. The closed office will be my husband’s office. I will have a desk on his office for when I stop by the office. Since I became a full-time blogger, I work most of the time from my home office.

Let have a look at the colors. The closed office gets lots of sunshine. The main front room only gets artificial lights. I choose colors from Benjamin Moore. It is funny. I did not find any office on Personal Colour Viewer of Benjamin Moore. I selected:

  • Tear drop blue 2050-60 (pale) for the main room walls
  • Blue Lake 2053-40 for the sunny closed office and the back wall of the main room
  • Cream silk 2146-60 on all ceiling
  • Red Tulip 2146-60 for the two doors and door trims

The wall trims will be painted the same color as the wall because I do not wish to attract attention to them. I am painting the wall you see when you enter the office darker to add interest. Otherwise, the simple room architecture will feel drab.

After the New Year’s, I am planning a officewarming party. I’ll show you the finished results.