Colorful Kitchen Knives | Reader’s question

kuhn rikon's colored cooking knife collection

Kuhn Rikon colored knifes

A reader asked me where she could find colored cooking knifes that are similar to the ones depicted in the DIY magnetic rack project. Heather and I united our digging skills to find great options.

Inspired by the colorful knives spotted in this DIY Magnetic Knife Rack tutorial featured a few weeks ago, we were delighted to discover there’s actually a rainbow of bright options for this everyday essential.

kuhn rikon's colored cooking knife collection

We started at Williams-Sonoma – the source for the knives pictured in the tutorial. They’re made by Kuhn Rikon, the #1 Swiss brand of cooking tools, combining ergonomic design with a variety of colors, sizes and styles. And since safety comes first, most knives include a coordinating sheath for protection and storage purposes. This adorable watermelon-themed knife has us pining for sweet summer days.

Komachi and scanpan sprectrum cooking knives

These Kershaw Komachi knives are adorable, but the colored blades actually serve to eliminate cross contamination when preparing food. Stylish and smart! Danish brand Scanpan’s Spectrum utility knife is designed to work not just in the kitchen, but on the BBQ and beyond. The knife features a food-safe non-stick coating for easy clean-up.

spreading knives by Opinel

I love these charming spreaders with brightly hued handles from French-based kitchenware company Opinel. They’d be a colourful companion for tea, scones and jam. While you are there, have a look at the Essential Fifties collection.

+ Kuhn Rikon
+ Kuhn Rikon watermelon knife $24.95 USD at William-Sonoma
+ Pure Komachi 2 Series 9-Piece Knife Set with Block $65.99 at [affiliate link] – The Kamachi knifes are also available sold individually
+ Scanpan knives
+ Spreading Knifes by Opinel Kitchenware

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  • The Cute Coook
    February 12, 2011 at 20:35

    I LOVE the Komachi knives! They were listed in the Macy’s Valentine’s Day circular this week and all I could think about was how adorable yet functional they are. I can’t wait to order them and use them in my kitchen.