Cocooning and design tableware from the German design company Philippi

cinderella cake server and espresso cups :: cocoon fruit and candy bowls :: zebrano trays from philippi

Everybody knows that conversation pieces are icebreakers at parties. This morning, I discovered via roadside scholar the fabulous catalogue of Philippi which is filled with distinctive pieces for entertaining.

A little bit of classy fairytale

I really fell in love with the Cinderella stainless steel items. I never saw a pair of espresso spoons and a cake serving knife so remarkable. The heel of the cake server is detachable. It stays in place through a magnet. You put the heel on when you want the cake server to rest. Otherwise you remove the heel to cut the cake.

The futuristic Jetson look infused in the Cocoon collection

A fruit bowl, a candy bowl, a set of salt + pepper shakers, a sugar pill dispenser and an astray compose the Cocoon collection. The line is sleek, fun and cute.

On the home front, the shiny silver plated Flying Tea lights nicely complement the Cocoon collection. For a formal dinner party, select either the Club Place or the Al Cube card holder sets to add style on a table.

Modern ethnic kitchen accessories

Serving hors d’oeuvres in the plywood curved veneer of the Zebrano Tray Set will certainly make a statement. You can use the trays to present the utensils wrapped in a linen napkins at a buffet table. Zebrano coasters are also available.

For an Asian tabletop, there are several unique items. I showed you the Kuala chopsticks as an example of the fine products available. Carved in polished wood, everyone can get a firm grip from these even if they are not accustomed to eat with chopsticks. Design wise, the nickel stand adds interest and modernizes these ancient eating utensils.

Lots of flower vases

The large Floating glassware vase is one of several flower vases. They all exhibit an interesting look. One quality of the Floating vase is the fact that it does not take a lot of space on the table. Perfect for narrow and long dining table. When using a design vase I suggest you keep the flower arrangement simple to not turn the eyes away from the vase.

If you are looking for a design product to punch up your tabletop explore the Philippi product lines for cool ideas. Bring one of these as an outstanding hostess gift or a trendy wedding gift. The only sad thing is that you will probably not be able to find these treasures at a store nearby if you live in North America.

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