City Guides and European City Life

Sometimes I like to give me little posting challenge. This time, I wanted to showcase two blogs seen with each having two posts related to city living. It seems like a good follow-up story to my previous post about PARK(ing) Day.

Haus Maus

life in hanover on haus maus

As you may know, Holly  of Decor8 writes a second blog where she talks about her new life in Hanover. In Haus Maus, she chronicles little differences like this communal bookcase. People donate the books. If you take one, you need to replace it by another book. I like this idea.

On another post, Holly talked about the fact that people often travel in bicycle instead of taking the car. Sure that the narrow streets of Europe make driving cumbersome, but it is more than that. I envy them.


city guides on design*sponge

In fact, the idea of this post starts when I saw the Arbour Wall picture in Brisbane earlier today. You will find 72 city guides on Design*Sponge. The pictures are from the:

If you plan a visit to one of the covered cities, they are a must to read since each guide is written by a resident.