Christmas decorations | 3 blogs and a mood board – 2007.12.10 edition

Apartment Therapy Chicago : Housemartin : Paper Shop Ink blog

Two weeks before Christmas, the blogosphere is packed with Christmas decorations.The modernism of those is what makes me choose them.

My mood board starts at your front door on how you greet your guests. Once inside, your guests discover a harmonizing treatment around the mantel of the living room.

Since you will pass most of the time eating, I stress the importance of the holiday decorations in the dining room. Vignettes are in so use them to your advantage by creating unique decorative scenes.

Because a gift is judged first by the way it is wrapped, go for amazing gift papers, especially if you do a mystery gift exchange. And do not neglect ribbons, bows and accessories. They are the jewelry of your gifts.

1 | Apartment Therapy Chicago

Modern Holiday Ornament Displays features great Christmas decorations from the UK magazine Living etc.

I fancied updating my wreath this year. My craft project was all planned out. But instead I will decorate my front door with a bunch of baubles. The idea here is to mix shapes, colors and dimensions in an artistic cluster.

By the way, I enjoy the new blog layout of the Apartment Therapy franchises.

2 | Housemartin

I stop making a large tree years ago for several reasons. But that this not mean your house cannot look festive. In all-a-sparkle, the talented Pam of Housemartin explained how she decorated her mantel and did two vignettes for her dining room.

If you did not see it, go check out her vintage deer cement garden ornament. I have to warm you, you will be jealous.

3 | Paper Shop Ink blog

Wrapping papers are a must this time of the year. With cool names and modern prints designed by Eric Kass, the gift papers from Funnel Paper Goods will stand out under the Christmas tree.

Like I said on Paper Shop Ink, the Rangifer Taranadus has the hippest color combination for this Holiday. The mod-retro Color Urchin works for all occasions.

Buy online: Gift papers by Funnel Paper Goods – $12 USD for three 28″ x 40″ premium paper sheets

  • Jennifer Mitchell
    December 16, 2007 at 13:06

    I love to wrap gifts. And I agree with you that how a gift is wrapped is important. Christmas can often become too much about “the loot” and not enough about the sentiment. Taking the time to choose some nice paper or at least add some ribbon shows you really care about the giving aspect.

  • At Home with Kim Vallee
    December 16, 2007 at 19:20

    Jennifer: I am guessing that your friends can spot which gifts you wrapped. Your sense of aesthetic probably gives you away.

    I bought a gorgeous paper this week. I will try to incorporate it in a story this week.

    November 7, 2009 at 05:06

    Wow, I can’t belive it’s almost Christmas! Time for white snow, snowmans, sleds, santa, cookie, and everything else! Thanks for the post very Cool and keep them coming!