Chic Modern Decanters by Italesse

Two more gift ideas for wine lovers.

italesse decanters :: alavin :: vinocchio

A magenta ice cooler feels like bringing the Pantone colors at your table. Designed in 2007 by Archikò, Alavin aerates and cools wines and beverages in a kit. You place ice cubes or crushed ices inside the colored base. If you drink red wines, use only the carafe.

An earlier creation by Archikò is Vinocchio. You can feel the same influence executed in a more masculine vibe. Features include a slanted non-drip spout and a decanter that sits nicely in the hand or on the deep bottom acrylic base.

I did not find retailers in North America. So if you know one retailer which carries the Italesse decanters, feel free to contact me.

+ Alavin Magenta – at Kent Design, a Swedish store
+ Alavin by Italesse – 108 ?
+ Vinocchio by Italesse – 109 ?
+ Vinocchio Orange – £57.89 at

  • Renée
    November 17, 2008 at 12:29

    Belle idée et beau design – j’espère qu’ils arriveront un jour chez nous. Sinon, on pourrait s’en créer un? Appel à notre créativité…