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Chef’s Trick: The Bowls will Stay in Place

chef's trick :: fresh herb leaf to secure bowls to plates

Do you know why there is a parsley leaf in the middle of every plate? Chef Matt Kantor of  Little Kitchen shared this trick with me. It works best with a bigger leaf like basil, but that night parsley was the only fresh herb still available.

The role of the leaf is to make sure the bowl stays in place on the plate while you bring the dish from the kitchen to the table.

I took these pictures at Alexa Clark’s tasting menu birthday. This is the party with the DIY Etched Glass Water Bottles. More to come of this delightful event.

  • Matt Kantor
    March 19, 2010 at 11:00

    That’s a great post, Kim! Aside from herbs, honey will also work well for keeping ramekins in position.

    Another trick is to use ground nuts or thin strips of candied citrus to keep ice cream from sliding on the plate. This also enhances flavor and texture of that component.