Chanel Show in a Hay Barn Seen as a Wedding Theme

Chanel fashion show spring 2010 paris :: times online and garance doré

Weddings in a barn are popular. The Spring 2010 Chanel show in Paris will probably inspire many brides to be. Second to walking barefoot on a beach, I am curious to see if many brides and grooms will opt for walking the aisles barefoot in a hay path.

The gold basket could make an awesome container for the centerpiece. You could recycle the idea and make your own. I believe that the bride and groom must distribute one by one the party favors. Decorating a few baskets would add a fancy touch. It is more original than a tray.

To know more details about this fabulous presentation by Chanel, read what Garance Doré had to say about her experience at the fashion show.

October 15th, 2009 Update: you can see the construction of the barn in a video on Wallpaper. It took 6 weeks to create the concept of the barn and 38 men working full time for a week to assemble it.

+ photos: Jacky Naegelen/Reuters on Times Online, Garance Doré