Ceiling Mounted Ellipse Ethanol Fireplace by Decoflame

Decoflame ceiling mounted Ellipse fireplace

Decoflame ceiling mounted Ellipse fireplace

Ethanol biofuel fireplaces allow condo owners and urban homeowners to enjoy the warmth feeling of a fireplace in rooms where they cannot put a vent or a chimney.  And because of that, it provides more freedom and designers have taken full advantage to create stunning contemporary shapes.

ellipse fireplace floor model by decoflame

One impressive design is Ellipse by Decoflame.  I love the ceiling mounted fireplace. When it stands on foot, Ellipse almost feels like a fresh take on The Jetsons style.

A Ceiling Mounted Wood-Burning Fireplace

ovalie wood-fireplace by brisash

If you live in Europe and can install a wood-burning fireplace, have a look at Ovalie by Brisach. on top of that, it pivots a full 360°.

+ Decoflame – it is not yet on their Web site
+ Ovalie by Brisach
+ photos of Ellipse via Trendir