Carefully Read the Food Labels Before Buying

food labels 101

Yesterday, I shopped at another supermarket than my usual one. All natural, preferably organic, peanut butter was on my grocery list. I want 100% peanuts, that’s all! No added sugar, no added salt, no molasses, and no added oil.

Since that grocery store carries many organic brands that I did not, I started to read the ingredient list. I was shocked to see how many organic peanut butters contain other ingredients than peanuts. Do not be fool by the front label. Do not assume when you see organic that the final product is healthy or healthier.

Reading the nutrition facts is one half of the equation. You also need to look at the ingredients to know what is inside. In winter, we often replace fresh tomatoes by a can of tomatoes since the canned tomatoes bring more taste to our recipes. It is not a problem since tomatoes need salt anyway. But you need to know to adjust your recipe.