Bulletin Boards and Magnets

bamboo magnet dry-erase board with channels

bamboo magnet dry-erase board with channels

Having a bulletin board makes your life easier. My husband and I are adoring the chalkboard wall we painted in the kitchen. We keep track of our to-do-list, shopping list and write down what we would like to eat for dinner.

Another place that a bulletin board comes handy is the office. For an home office, a dry-erase magnetic wall panel is often the best choice. I compiled a list of stylish and fun message boards by Three by Three Seattle.

If you have the space, the Bamboo Dry-erase Wall Panel is a great choice. Optional channel panels can be added to the basic panel. It is perfect for a craft room. I think that the channel panels are a must. You can tailor it to your  needs since they offer several possible configurations.

magnet dry-erase bulletin boards

The 12 x 12-inch Hang on Board provides three hooks to hold a pair of scissors, personal accessories, utensils, keys, etc. For a narrow spot, look at this vertical dry-erase magnet board that is backed with magnets and that can also be mounted with an adhesive tape. Both models are available in white, spring green, silver, and real bamboo.

Fun Magnets

bright colors dot magnets and the mighties

For a punch of color on your board, go with bright dot magnets. Three by Three Seattle makes a kit with ½ inch, ¾ inch and 1 inch diameter colorful vinyl dot magnets. Know that they supplies their Mighties magnets with anyone of their magnet boards.

+ Bamboo Dry-erase Wall Panel $40-$100 USD at Three by Three
+ 4×11 inch Dry-erase Magnet Board $10-$13 USD at Three by Three
+ Hang on Board $25-$30 USD at Three by Three
+ Bright Color Dot Magnets $7.95 USD at See Jane Works
+ Mighties $13.95 USD at See Jane Works