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Brilliant Ideas for Holiday Menu

more holiday menu: appetizer, side dish and dessert

I say brilliant because these recipes add panache to any dinner party yet they are uncomplicated to make. Let’s start by two Christmas ideas by food and interior stylist Paul Lowe of Sweet Paul.

+ Dress up the classic cheese dessert platter by dishing a whole Brie or Camembert with a couple of splashes of lavender honey and dried figs. Photo by Colin Cooke. Via Sweet Paul

+ This tasty recipe of Brussels sprouts is made in the oven. I made a French recipe with Brussels sprouts and bacon. Paul proposes Brussels sprouts with pancetta and almonds. I wrote it down on future dishes to cook. Photo by Frances Janisch.

+ Canapés pair well with a glass of Champagne. Like I said in my previous post, excellent sparkling wines can rival the taste of Champagne. I love Champagne and I feel they should be included in any celebrations. Elise of Simply Recipes shares her Smoked Salmon and Goat Cheese Toasts. Her recipe makes about 40 pieces. Several steps can be prepared a few days ahead. The lemon strip satisfies your eyes and your mouth.

+ Gifts do not only go under the Christmas tree. Get inspired by how The French Laundry set up a gift tower at their dessert station. Via Daily Feed