Breakfast Mood for my Thursday’s Quick Links 2009.03.05

I love eating breakfast. It may because I adore French pastry. I scoured a few pictures to inspire you for the most important meal of the day.

french pastry photographed by anna jon

+ A natural-light photographer took the first picture. Anna Jones of Indie Art Photoblog took his at Les Madeleines Patisserie & Café in Salt Lake City. It was for a guest post written by Stephanie of Stephmodo for Your Heart Out. Anna I am proud to have introduced three remarkable blogs, totally new to me, with a single picture.

tonje holand's kitchen

+ The kitchen of the Norwegian Tonje Holand is charming. In fact, you should take a house tour on Design*Sponge. Her house displayed style and fun accent colors. I also loved her dining room. Via The Left Back to the Right Coast, who displayed a collection of bohemian meets kitschy vacation houses.

sherbet cup :: cake stand :: syrup pitcher bauer pottery company of la

+ Bauer Pottery Company of Los Angeles produces vintage American pottery in at least 15 solid colors. The Sherbet cups are perfect to eat your morning fruit cocktail. Bauer Pottery’s line is comprehensive with syrup pitcher, drinkware, dinnerware, pet bowls and garden pots. Add a little extra for that the bold orange items.

+ Bauer’s Pottery Cake Stand $66-$72.60 USD
+ Bauer’s Pottery Sherbet Cup $15-$16.50 USD
+ Bauer’s Pottery Syrup Pitcher $25-$27.50 USD
+ Les Madeleines p 801.355.2294
   216 E 500 S, Salt Lake City, Utah, United States, 84111