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Breakfast Inspiration

breakfast meal with extra-long table on living etc

I love this picture. The superb crafted table, the breakfast scene, and the angle of the shot. I dream of having enough room in my house for an extra-long dining table. You save space by putting benches and stools instead of chairs.

+ Via July 2007 edition of Living etc

  • Indigonat
    September 25, 2009 at 15:27

    I have an exotic wood table in my kitchen that I paired with 4 red “jelly stools”. My custom made table is bar height, so it can also be used as a prep table and a place to hang out. I love it. The warmth of wood is a great asset in a kitchen too! It is definitely the center point of my kitchen. In my case the fact that the table is higher than standard, means that food is also out of reach for my two big dogs 😉