Linen Bread Bag and Bicycle Frame Lunch Tote

bread bag and bike frame lunch tote

It seems to be the week for kitchen linens.

The charm of a round bread linen bag always get me. I own the black and sand Bread Bag by Stelton. You may remember the exquisite breadbasket by C. Quoi, made in France. I love both but if you are looking for a steal instead of a splurge, the natural beige linen basket on etsy for for you. I imagine myself in a Saturday morning eating a croissant with orange-grapefruit marmalade or a chocolatine with my cafe au lait.

The small linen basket can be used in the bathroom to store small items, in the bedroom to empty your pockets or my favorite, to serve bread or pastry on the morning.

Many people take their bicycle instead their car to go to work. This bike frame lunch tote will sure be the talk of the office. Be prepared to take order or be frank and tell them they can find the instructions at Evil Mad Scientist.

+ Handmade Basket in natural beige linen by LinenMe Jazz $8.99 USD
+ Via More Ways to Waste Time and Mint Design Blog