Branch Holiday Decorations

modern holiday decorations with branches

Decorating with branches are easy. You can either pick some branches from your backyard and shop at a floral shop. I adore the minimalist festive look that they bring to any room. You can leave the branches naturally, paint them, or add an icing effect. Here are four stylish ways to decorate your home with branches this holiday season.

Modern Decor

+ top photo credits: David Fenton for Sunset magazine

I adore the “Floating in thin air” effect of branch decorations over a dining table. It is simple to create this look with a fishing line. I usually prefer to hang it from a light pendant or another strong structure rather than to do a hole in my ceiling. So, look at what are your options before you install a C hook.

For a maintenance- free berry style ornament, hang red miniature balls on a bunch of branches. Put everything in a vase. It creates the illusion of

White Wonderland

white wonderland christmas decorations for a mantel
photo credits: Angus Fergusson for House and Home

You can never go wrong with a white wonderland decor. This silver and white tableau for a mantel is so beautifully done. Putting more ornaments inside two Mason jars illustrates how you can use any containers that you already have and still produce a stylish vignette.

Stylish Black

branches in a jar
photo credits: Paper Flower Girl as seen in House and Home 

Black is trendy right now. I stop counting how many interiors I haver seen lately in magazines around the world with black walls. You could use sugar in the kitchen glass jar to simulate snow. It doesn’t matter if the jar has an attached cover.

It is hard for me to pick a favorite. Do you have a favorite?

  • Ingrid
    December 8, 2012 at 15:37

    They are all beautiful but my favourites are the “White Wonderland” and “Stylish black” from House & Home, considering to re-create one of these looks in my house.