Better Cooking Start with Ingredients, Techniques and Cookware

juicy warm chicken with lemon couscous salad :: inspired by Donna Hay

The Warm Chicken with a lemon couscous salad recipe by Donna Hay is a dish I prepare twice a month at home. It is delicious and fast to make. For everyday entertaining, this dish nicely pairs with a Gentil Hugel or Les Jamelles Sauvignon blanc.

My husband sometimes cooked the chicken breasts on the BBQ but most of the time, I use a griddle pan on my gas cooktop. I tried several things but until now, my chicken was always a little dry. Not anymore! I did not change my technique. My success relies on two factors. Plus, I am proud that I cooked a juicier chicken without adding fat.

Using Another Type of Chicken

First, I used Halal chicken which is now available at my local grocery store. I switched since the week before, a foodie friend told me that she tried the Halal chicken for the first time. She thinks that it tastes much better. She is right. It will be Halal chicken on my kitchen from now on.

New Stoneline Cookware by Shopping Clodine

shopping clodine :: cookware and mezzaluna with bamboo cutting boards

Secondly, I used the Griddle Pan with 2 sprouts that I received for free from Shopping Clodine to test drive their products. Made in Germany, the pan is made of natural stone and die-cast aluminum. You need to season it before the first use. Then, there is no need to add oil or butter. But I may use a tiny bit for the taste.

All Stoneline products have an innovative, scratch-resistant, non-stick coating and come with a 25-year limited warranty. It is the best griddle pan I used so far. It is a keeper! I am glad that I got it since I was on the market to replace mine. I stopped my search.

They also sent me their Mezzaluna with a bamboo cutting boards. The design is handy. You store the mezzaluna inside the main round cutting board. It also comes with a removable flat cutting board. I have been using it over and over to cut my herbs from my herb garden.

I received two more samples that I still need to test. At first glance, they look great and seem to be well-constructed. You will be pleased to display the bamboo mortar and pestle on your counter. The mortar is deep so you will not make a mess and the pestle feels comfortable. The assorted set of 3 bamboo cutting boards are pretty. I am thinking of keeping them for when I need wooden trays to serve food.

The packaging is in French and English but for now, the Web site is only available in French. If you are interested by these products, Shopping Clodine ships anywhere in Canada. If you cannot read French, try ordering by phone at 1 877 CLODINE, I supposed (have not try) that they must have at least a bilingual operator. You can save up to 50% on shipping if you buy 2 or more products. You can also pay in 3 installments.

+ Griddle Pan with 2 sprouts $89.99 CAD
+ Mezzaluna from Bamboo Cutting Boards $49.99 CAD
+ bamboo mortar and pestle $29.99 CAD
+ Cutting board set $29.99 CAD for 3 assorted boards

  • KimVallee
    June 29, 2009 at 16:27

    Better Cooking Start with Ingredients, Techniques and Cookware

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  • Angela@spinachtiger
    July 2, 2009 at 09:35

    I love the mezzaluna board. I have one now, but no board and it’s the only way to chop herbs. Learned that in Italy.

  • At Home with Kim Vallee
    July 2, 2009 at 09:56

    Angela: I used to have a mezzaluna without the round board. I am happy to have the board since the cutting motion is more efficient. Both either ways work fine.

  • Home Garden Products
    July 3, 2009 at 22:49

    I like to cook Halal Chicken and always try to serve this delicious item to my family members in my home garden, because the surroundings of your eating place become the food more delicious.

  • Recipes for Chinese Food
    April 6, 2011 at 19:02

    Regarding the Griddle Pan with 2 sprouts, what is your opinion on the seasoning and how much. I know you say it is pre-seasoned, but I am never sure about these things. Any information would be great. Thank you