Bar Carts for Serious Summer Entertaining at Pottery Barn

wagon party bucket

If your home or your cabin by the lake is the party central for you and your friends, you need great beverage station options. The latest summer collection at Pottery Barn gave you something to think about. See how you could do it.

Wagon Party Buckets

Having a wagon is awesome to keep the cart close to the action. The removable galvanized bucket and tray provides convenience. If you are driving a car with a large trunk, you could easily bring this bar on wheel to a large picnic at the park or the beach.

Sourcing: Galvanized wagon party bucket at Pottery Barn $199 USD

Spacious Outdoor Bar Carts

Sourcing: Caravan Bar Cart at Pottery Barn $399 USD

My second suggestion carries a circus, a gypsy or a cowboy vibe depending on the rest of your decor. It could become the first prop for future party themes. What I like the most about Caravan Bar Cart are the three storage areas. You could use one for glasses instead of bottles.

If you don’t plan of moving it and don’t mind the bigger price tag,  consider an island buffet with a hutch. Considering that it could be used for food and drinks, it might be considered a more versatile option. This one has a zinc top.

island buffet and hutch
Sourcing: Abbott Zink Top Island with Hutch at Pottery Barn $1,598 USD

Coca-Cola Nostalgia

When I was a young child, there used to be a retro-style Coca-Cola cooler at my father’s business, which is probably why I fancy this replica. This model holds 80 cans. I would use it to keep water bootles, ice pops and ice cream sandwiches by the porch or the quay.

old-fashioned coca-cola drink cooler

Did you start shopping for summer entertaining yet? If yes, what did you buy?