Bacsac Expanded its Line with the Colorful Batyline Collection

bacsac batyline collection

Here is a flexible way to add a splash of color on your terrace. The new planting pots by Bacsac are ideal for an urban garden. Like their predecessors (the Bacsquare), these 100% recyclable, weightless and portable bags are easy to move outside on the balcony or in the garden. When not in use, the pots take little space since you can fold them.

bacsac batyline colors

The latest models address the boring look of the original series (the original collection was brown). The planting bags from the new collection are made of Batyline, a strong fabric-like material available in 7 beautiful colors. My favorite ones are the yellow, the orange and the light grey.

The Bacsac pots are not just casually cute. They are also great for your plants. The double wall design maintains the balance between air, soil and water. The Bacsac Batyline bags can stay outside during the winter since they can stand temperature as low as  -30 °C.  But if you keep your plants indoor during winter, you will be glad that you use a lightweight container.

If you like them, ask the US retailers when they will get them. I know that they are in production since I saw a few stores in Europe and in the UK that sells them online already.

+ top photo credits: Bacsac Batyline collection