Backyard camping makes great play dates

Backyard camping make great play dates as seen in Cookie magazine

The back to school advertising is the first sign that summer is coming to an end. But there is still plenty of beautiful weather nights left to entertain your kids outside.

Everyone knows that young kids like to camp. That is why Cookie Magazine published a set of activity tips and the things you need to make it a reality in your backyard. I added my little touch of wisdom to complete what they suggested.

For the naturalist or the animal lover

Why not go with a safari-style canvas tent? Your little ones can pretend to be the renowned primatologist Jane Goodalls conducting her field research. Otherwise, you can prepare a bird sighting adventure or an insect discovery expedition.

For the techie or the astronomer

With futuristic outdoor gadgets and gear, you may succeed to lure your child outside for a while. This weatherproof tent is equipped with three electrical outlets. Plug in your laptop and explore the cosmos with the telescope before going to bed. Bring some brain games to occupy their mind until dark.

For the dreamer

Create a fantasy world by crafting an exotic encampment. Plan a game with an Aladdin’s Lamp or a fortune teller before having a tea party with teddy bears. You can organize a stylish Arabic dinner party for the parents in one area to complement the kid party theme.

For an old-fashioned entertainment night

Or you can simply organize a family movie night in the park. Plan a barbecue before the movie. Bring outside the popcorn and the hot dog machines.You can make a little roof and side panels around the screen to increase the viewing quality. A few old-fashioned activities will turn your backyard excursion into a night to remember.

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