Apartment Therapy Presents as a Housewarming Gift

Apartment Therapy Presents by Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan

Last night, we went to Costco. Every time we go there, I stop at the book sections because Costco typically sells the book cheaper than the bookstores.

I find it easier to buy book at Costco since we drive to go there. I do most of my shopping by foot; so weight is an issue.Otherwise, I buy my books online.

You probably noticed by now that Apartment Therapy is one of my all-time favorite blogs. To show my support, I bought yesterday Apartment Therapy Presents. I enjoy it! Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan wrote a book filled with inspiring decoration ideas.

What is inside the book?

Like his blog, the book showcased real apartments done by real, talented people. Interior designers created a few apartments. Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan mostly selected amazing spaces done by homeowners. You will be surprised that most homeowners have an artistic or design background.

What position this book apart is that the interiors reflect the homeowners taste. It shows homes that feel live in with lots of characters. The spaces were designed for their lifestyle. As an interior designer, it is not a skill than everyone can do successfully. The 40 homeowners featured on Apartment Therapy Presents pulled it off because they have a keen eye for design.

I passed some time with the book this morning. I am happy I got it. If you have a friend who is moving to a new home soon, Apartment Therapy Presents will make a wonderful, affordable gift.

+ Apartment Therapy Presents by Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan – price: $18.15 USD at amazon.com