Another Report on IDS 09

tablescape at house and home booth ids09

+ Many of you are a fan of Canadian House and Home magazine. Linda Reeves started two housewares lines a few years ago. House & Home Style for Living brand products sold at The Bay, Home Outfitters and NEST brand products sold at Zellers. Their booth features a classic tablescape theme for this spring.

glass retrofit bowls by brad turner

+ I felt transformed in the Jetson’s years when I look at the Retrofit Bowls by Brad Turner. It feels like a bowl inside a footed bowl. I like their shape and color of these glass bowls. The Retrofit bowls are prototype.

orange and roses centerpieces by lucid interior design

+ It is simple to recreate this centerpiece. Simply gather 4 glass plates or tray filled with oranges and red roses. The key is symmetry. Group 2 by 2 or 3 by 3 identical square plates and trays. This centerpiece arrangement is ideal when placed on a long buffet table to split the food areas. These were displayed in the Grand Marnier Lounge. Lucid Interior Design created this lounge space.