An outsider at Video Games Live

video games live : Martin Leung : Jack WallYesterday, my husband brought me to a sold-out concert. It was a classical orchestra playing scores from video games.

Hosted by Tommy Tallarico with Jack Wall as the conductor, Video Games Lives is a multimedia concert. We looked at excerpts of the game while the music was playing. What surprised me the most what that the assistance recognized instantly the music and they cheered when it was one their favorite games.

If you are not familiar with video games, many scores they played were from franchises. A video game franchise is a series of game around a character. You got Mario Brothers, The Legend of Zelda, Warcraft, Final Fantasy. Some franchises started twenty years ago and they include 10-12 games each.

From my point of view, you need to be hardcore gamers to know the music. I recognized none, except for the beginning of Halo because it sounds like Tibet monks and my husband plays that game very often.

I am talking about it because I was amazed. Assisting to the concert made me think that it is probably how the rest of world feels when I am talking about the design world. After all, you need to be a hardcore design fan to know about Lekker, Mud Australia, Marcel Wanders or to read the latest edition of Haüser if you live in America. Everybody has its passion.

By the way, Martin Leung, the young pianist has become a legend on the Internet after publishing a video where he was playing songs from Super Mario blindfolded. He did it yesterday in front of us. Impressive!

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