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An Eclectic Moroccan Dinner Party Theme

african pattern melamine plates :: art print :: moroccan leather and round weave pouffes :: mother of pearl placements and coasters

Profit of the occasion while you cook the Chermoula bass and invite some friends for a casual dinner party. Spice it up with an eclectic Moroccan décor. With a few accessories, you can transform any outdoor space into an exotic oasis.

Building on Other Styles

What I am proposing is a modernized, more eclectic version. I start with a classic French style metal garden dining set.

UK retailer Graham and Green carries a pale gray set. Like I suggested yesterday, consider pastel colors instead of plain white set if you are on the market for new furniture. Or paint your own set.

Home Accessories

Art is a great way to infuse an exotic feel to a party. I selected “Winter Spey II” by Angie Lewin, a magnificent wood engraving print that I discovered thanks to Café Cartolina.

Adding home accessories instantly create the right ambiance. Look for things like these African pattern plates, exotic placemats, star design metal garden lanterns, Moroccan leather pouffes and large ornate mirrors.

You can mix and match styles as long as there is a connection between them. Look for items that you will reuse over and over in different settings. One round weave pouf can become a cat bed. The rest amounts to extra setting when you have friends over.

Where to Shop

If you live in United Kingdom, putting this party theme can be accomplished in one stop. I found tons of inspirations at Graham and Green. In the United States, you can check Pier1, Z Gallery and Moroccan home accessories stores in your area.

+ African-Style Melamine Plates – on sale: £11 for 4 side plates, £14 for 4 dinner plates
+ Winter Spey II by Angie Lewin – price: £105.00 as a mounted print
+ French-style Garden Furniture Range – starts at £34.50 on sale
+ Round Weave Low Pouffes – price: £29
+ Arch Mirrors – price: £80 small, £150 large
+ Large Moroccan Leather Pouffes – price: £199
+ White Metal Moroccan Lantern – price: £49 small, £79 medium, £120 large
+ Mother of Pearl Dotty Placemats or Coasters – price: £23 coasters, £59.80 placemats

  • Sabina
    August 14, 2008 at 13:51

    I love this dinner idea. I’m printing off all your ideas and will use this for an upcoming gathering!! Thanks!!

    P.S. This is the first time I’ve seen your new photo — very cute. 🙂