Amazing Culinary Creations by the Parisian Caterer Dalloyau

dalloyau vegetable garden st. honore

The French always have a Je-ne-sais-quoi when it comes to food. You can see it as its best with the photos from the Spring 2008 catalogue of upscale caterer Dalloyau located in Paris.

dalloyau cocktail bites

These dishes are a real treat for all the senses. I picked the vegetable garden Saint-Honoré a tray of canapés. These are not cheap. Budget about $4.25 USD per one-bite appetizer as 16 hors d’oeuvres dressed on a tray cost 55 Euros.  These stunning appetizers qualify for butler passed hors d’oeuvres.

dalloyau :: cod entree and fresh vegetable charlotte

Imagine a Charlotte of fresh vegetables as a first course followed by a nicely presented cod dish.

Founded in 1802, Dalloyau is huge today. Dalloyau employs 509 talents, among which are 97 cooks, 100 pastry cooks, chocolate makers, confectioners, 4 ice-cream makers and 4 bakers.

Dalloyau fits into the French modern lifestyle by operating original formulas: several traditional restaurants and restaurants where customers can have a quick lunch plus 5 tearooms. Dalloyau organizes fabulous receptions and events all over France and abroad.

Later, I will show you their dinner trays. It has nothing to do with TV dinners.

+ Dalloyau – they have an English Web site