Airtight Food Storage and Jars by Takeya

takeya storage jars

These food and drink storage products should appeal to the design-conscious while the airtight feature will please the health-conscious. I like that they have an airtight twist top lid.

takeya pitchers

I read that they have more desirable features. The freezer-safe storage containers are shaped to easily pour out food. The hot and cold beverage jugs can be stored upright or it can be laid on its side without leaking. They are made of a durable and high temperature BPA-free acrylic, that has glass-like clarity. They are supposed to be stain and odor proof.

The Takeya products look great on paper; does anyone have tried them?

+ Airtight Food Jug by Takeya $17.99 USD for the 40oz, $19.99 for the 66oz
+ Takeya Airtight Jug $12.99 USD for the 40oz, $14.99 for the 66oz