Add a Touch of Summer with Far Afield Dinnerware from Anthropologie

far afield dinnerware and table linens at anthropologie

The romantic feeling that you get when you visit an Anthropologie shop appeals even to a modernist like me. Once again, I felt under the charms of their lively dinnerware.

Fresh Floral Dinnerware

This Far Afield dinnerware pattern screams summer on the good way. It  is perfect for hosting a brunch and for casual family events. 

The plates, bowls and mugs are sold individually to suit your taste and budget. You can easily mix this bold floral pattern with solid color dinnerware than you already own.

Table Linens

If you prefer white china, go for the table linens. Bright, vintage-style floral patterns bedeck white poplin, trimmed with red stitching and dotted ruffles with the Rondelet table linens. Two sets of napkins complete the Rondelet collection.

You can also check out the Pavot Tablecloth with sunny yellow piping.  The crochet and crimson pompom border Scarlet Marigold Table Linens has a fresh Spanish vibe.

International shopping

I am also glad that Anthropologie is one of the friendly US retailers that ships to Canada. Their latest ecommerce system has been up for some time now. People from 34 countries can now shop in their currencies and received at home the marvelous products at Anthropologie.

I went to Anthropologie a couple of times with my husband and he does not get that vibe. Me, I enjoyed it! Anthropologie is definitely a girl thing.

Buy online: Far Afield Dinnerware at Anthropologie – price: $10-$14 USD
Buy online: Rondelet Tablecloth at Anthropologie – price: $32-$98 USD
Buy online: Pavot Tablecloth at Anthropologie – price: $24-$108 USD
buy online: Scarlet Marigold Table Linens at Anthropologie – price: $32-$108 USD