Active Crystals in the latest Violet and Jet Hematite

active crystals by philips swarowski

These are gift ideas for the fashionable girls who have everything. They are off track for my blog but at least they are stylish. And everyone knows that being fashionable is a proven method to get invited to the coolest parties. So!

Beautiful and practical memory keys

The next time you assist at a meeting or stand at a kiosk of a trade show be prepared and wear your USB Memory Keys as a jewelry piece. It is practical because if you like to wear dresses as much as I do, you know that pockets are rare. So you cannot carry around your USB Memory Key with you all the time.

My only complaint about the Active Crystals Heart model is that is only comes in the 1 MG capacity. I expect higher capacity options for a high end product. But from a style point, it is the prettiest USB memory key on the market.

Stylish in-ear headphones

It used to be that wearing the white iPod earphones was considered hot. Now, you need more to impress your girl friends. Before your steps in the trendiest coffee shop, make sure to wear the SPACE in-ear headphones in the latest Violet or Jet Hematite color.

SPACE in-ear headphones are made with polished stainless steel body and high quality fabric-type cable. The soft and flexible earpiece is made of transparent silicone with fully faceted drop-cut Violet crystals on outside. I would like to get a pair. Does anyone can tell me about the sound quality?

Buy online: Heart Ware Vitrail Light USB Memory Key – price: $ 210 CAD
Buy online: Space Violet Headphones – price: $105 CAD