A wonderful DIY take-away gift to wrap up a casual 5-service dinner party

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This party favor is just adorable. I saw it on The Style Dept, a home decor show on HGTV Canada. Better yet, this DIY party favor is cheap and fast to create.

It was used for an outdoor party but the Potted Herbs with a recipe card party favor can work in an interior setting. My suggestion is to build your menu around fresh herbs. Repeating elements in an innovative manner adds a level of sophistication to your event.

What do you need to make these DIY party favors?

  • Small decorative pots or make your own pots by gluing a cork sheet on a highball glass
  • Small herb plants like rosemary, thyme, oregano, winter or summer savory
  • Tags
  • Colored raffia ribbons or twines

Share the recipes of the meal you are serving. Write several recipes so that couples can take home two recipes. For take-away gifts, it is preferable to handwrite the recipes. If you have some free spaces on your tag, apply a beautiful stamp to dress it up.

Select two herb species and alternate them on the place setting. If you can buy your herbs in advance and let them bloom, the herb pot will seem lovelier.

Depending on your table size and format, I would evenly distributed 1 to 3 bouquets made by gathering one type of flowers.

The menu

Because this is fall, I selected the Medallions of Beef with Morels, Marsala and Creme Fraiche Sauce by Jamie Oliver. This dish is earthy and added some green vegetables in your plating.

I am a huge fan of Crème Brûlée; it is on the dessert menu it is almost sure that I will have it. We went to a lavender farm a couple of weeks ago, so I buy a small tin box of culinary lavender. This is expensive but you only need a tablespoon for most recipes.

Even without the cute vintage metal ramekins used by food stylist and photographer Beatrice Peltre, I assure you that the Lavender crème brûlée with fresh berries made by La Tartine Gourmande will be a winner.

Basic formula for a great menu

Having a casual yet stylish dinner party with friends is easy. The key is to pick delicious and simple to prepare recipes. Planning a multiple course meal is not complicated if you follow this basic formula.

For a no-fuss 5-service dinner party, start with a light entrée followed by the Medallions of Beef served with cooked vegetables, then hand out a straightforward green salad before having the platter of fine cheeses. Finish the meal with the dessert. Voilà!

DIY project: Potted Herbs with a recipe card as seen on The Style Dept
Recipe: Medallions of Beef with Morels, Marsala and Creme Fraiche Sauce by Jamie Oliver – as seen on Christine Crushing Live
Recipe: Lavender crème brûlée with fresh berries by La Tartine Gourmande – right reserved photo by Beatrice Peltre (La Tartine Gourmande)

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