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A Week-End Menu | Tastespotting Watch

tastespotting weekend menu

I am giving a second chance to my Tastespotting watch. Tonight’s menu is a casual weekend dinner. It would be perfect for a Sunday night dinner.


+ Hummus with chili oil
+ Sweet Gorgonzola and Pear Bruschetta

Main Course Ideas

+ Pan-fried Fish with a Garnish of Fresh Asian Herbs and a bowl of Asian rice
+ West Texas asado


+ Plum and fig sheet cake

Party Favor

+ Jam jar muffins – perfect for the next morning breakfast

Why is there no montage picture in this post?

My life philosophy is based on making it easy for me. Honestly, I get tired of the “Please Ask First” rule to promote for free a blogger; especially that I am always careful to publish proper credits.

If a part of the foodie community cannot understand that I am sending them traffic; there is nothing I can do. I know that it deprives the readers from inspirations and useful information. But frankly, it becomes too complicated to assemble a board with recipes from 4 to 6 bloggers. I live on the moment; that is how most of my posts are born. This is why I link to Tastespotting.