A Toddler-Friendly Bathroom | Getting Ready for the Baby

pack splat and water bugs by boon

pack splat and water bugs by boon

We are in the middle of a facelift of what used to be the cat bathroom to make it prettier for my upcoming son. I updated the tiles on the walls and the floor. Plus, I bought a new bath sink and a new toilet. What I found is that safety and practicality limit your options to the standard bath fixtures.

At first, I selected a toilet with an elongated bowl. They are prettier. But after talking to a baby supply store, they recommend that I get the classic round bowl because it will be easier to find a toilet training seat. Even though I know that more brands are planning to launch models for an elongated bowl and chances are that by the time he will need it the market will have evolved, I prefer to be safe.

More Standards to Consider

As a future parent, I believe that we must consider proportions and select bathroom fixtures that are adapted to a little child’s scale. Let’s start with the toilet height. Opt for the standard 15-inch high instead of what they call ideal height.

I kept our old bathtub which looks brand new for the same reason. I tried to find a nicer tub but all the new models are at least 17 inch high; most are 20 inches high or more. We have a 20-inch high bathtub in our master bathroom. I find it hard to reach the bottom when I wash it. There is no way that I will be able to safely and comfortably bathe my toddler son with a high bathtub.

Nonetheless, his bathroom will look great. I was creative with my choice of sink, faucet and ceramic tiles. I will show you the results once it is finished. In a few months, I will start to look at bath toys to learn skills and stimulate his imagination.

As it turned out, I made a last design change that reduced the space between my finished wall and the C/L of outlet. I had to buy a 10″ rough-in toilet, instead of the standard 12 inches rough-in toilet. The store only carries it with an elongated bowl. I then discovered that the Baby Björn Toilet Trainer has a dial adjustor which allows you to customize the seat for the precise size and shape of your toilet seat opening. Therefore, problem solved.

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