A Sneak Peek at my Christmas Ornaments

Handmade reindeer :: Peek at my ornaments

I typically wait for sales before buying my Christmas ornaments but I could not resist when I saw these Christmas ornaments. Their handmade character and winter cottage feel seduced me.

Peek at my tweed Christmas ornaments :: owl, reindeer and bird

The handmade reindeer (top picture) that can stand of their own were the first to caught my eye. From that, I developed the rest of the design. I like how the knit collection looks against the tweed ornaments. They complement each other.

Peek at my Christmas ornaments

I gave my Christmas tree a couple years ago because it took too much floor place. I plan to simply hang the ornaments on branches. Or, I may get a table tree. I still have to design that part. I aim for an airy composition. My goal is to play on the less is more concept. We will see how it goes. You will get the surprise soon enough.

If you are interested I bought those at Teatro Verde. It is far from the cheapest store for your tree ornaments but they have a beautiful collection. I bought them because I was visiting Toronto and I was not sure if I would find those in Montreal.

+ Knit ornament mitten, shirt, stocking $13.95 CAD
+ Assorted tweet ornaments owl, bird, reindeer $11.95 CAD

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    November 21, 2009 at 00:02

    .: Your ornaments is sooo cute!!~~ (^,^) :.