A show followed by the restaurant makes a more fun night out

Montreal Jazz Festival 28th edition : June 28 to July 8, 2007

The Montreal Jazz Festival is on right now. I went to several shows so far. For the outdoor free schedule, my husband and I have a little crush on the 10 p.m. concert at the Bell scene. This is the Groove concert series.

Our music collection is growing fast with the Jazz Festival. We now own fresh and special music to play for our next parties. Yesterday, we discovered Oka, a very interesting Australian group. The Festival describes them like this:

Oka offers an emotionally charged synthesis of ancient and modern Oz music based on a singular instrumentation: electro rhythms, keyboards, percussion, saxophone, flute, slide guitar and vocals surround the aboriginal didgeridoo.

Last Friday, I was invited to a show scheduled at 7 o’clock. I did know Mina Agossi, a Franco-Beninese siren singer. Our group enjoyed her concert. What is more relevant for my blog is the night agenda.

My idea of a fun night out

We planned to see the show first and to go for dinner after the show. You just grab a little snack before the show and your stomach will be fine. The night experience is so much better than having to eat supper quickly to make it at the theater by 8 pm and maybe get a drink with your friends by 10:30 pm.

It is fun to have time to talk to your friends after seeing a performance. And you know by now that I like eating dinner after 8 pm. I got friends with young kids so we do not go dancing all together until 3 o’clock as we used too. With an early show followed by the restaurant, there is still pretty of time for drinks after the restaurant.

My little request to all the theater promoters, please present more often earlier shows especially during the weed-ends. What is your best night out formula?

Did you find lately great music for entertaining at home?

July 10th, 2007 Update: Read my follow up story with more news on Oka and Room Eleven
Link: Web site of Montreal Jazz Festival 28th edition from June 28 to July 8, 2007

  • sia
    July 2, 2007 at 18:35


    Just a short message from Amsterdam, The Netherlands!

    Friends of mine {Room Eleven} will be playing at the festival on Saturday 7 July at 8 PM, at Scène Alcan.

    Your blog is a delight!

  • At Home with kim vallee
    July 2, 2007 at 18:44

    I will put their concert on my agenda. Thank you for dropping in.

    Here the description of the show – it sounds promising:

    Six White Russians & A Pink Pussycat-more than a recipe for a good time and a hangover, it’s the debut album from Room Eleven, a self-described jazzbossafolksoul combo from Amsterdam fronted by singer Janne Schra. Despite the lighthearted title, the album resonates with stories of love affairs gone wrong, and the optimism and humour needed to survive them! Here’s hoping they serve up Janne’s sensual cover of George Michael’s Faith.