A rich Christmas feast by Habitat

habitat christmas decoration

My husband entered my office while I was putting up this board and he exclaimed Wow!

Until Habitat makes the plunge and opens stores in that side of the ocean, I can share my passions through their styled pictures. This Holidays, their stylists came up with stunning decorations for your Holiday parties.

Deep shades of red

Mixing an array of reds and violets with silvers, bronzes, browns and golden tones summarizes the Christmas trends saw at Habitat. Black and white acts as accents colors. They play around rich colors to create their rooms.

I do not know if you notice but greens are absent. This is a beautiful design lesson on how to limit the hues to one or two area in the color wheel. The result is a sophisticated festive look.

Gift ideas

For a retro look, think about the analogue wall clock FLAP or to confuse your friends at the end of the evening, get the TIK TAK wall clock. And browse for more cool clocks and to equip your bar with handy accessories.


The GARLAND pendant designed by Tord Boontje for Habitat looks adorable whenever you are entertaining. Designed by Philippa Prinsloo, the FELL VIEW candle holder collection is available in two sizes.

Take cues from the way Habitat set the tables. Examine how they cluster things to add focus points on the buffet table. How they play with heights to simulate movements in the room.

The dessert table is particularly adorable. The table is well put together yet the design look lived in. The best way to reuse their concepts is by combining these designs into your own when designing your table.

Christmas decorations

Habitat sells a range of Christmas baubles (balls), flat-packed decorative little trees, Christmas tree decorations, garland lights and more.

A must this season is the long curtain light chain. Made of illuminated pearls and crystals inspired by fashion trends, PERLINA is designed to ripple down walls, over tables, along mantelpieces or to be arranged as a circular centerpiece.

Buy online: Christmas decorations at Habitat
Buy online: FLAP analog clock at Habitat – price: 90 £
Buy online: TIK TAK clock at Habitat – price: 90 £
Buy online: GARLAND pendant lamp at Habitat – price: 18 £
Buy online: FELL VIEW candle holder at Habitat – price: 30 £ for the small
Buy online: PERLINA, long curtain Christmas lights at Habitat – price: 39 £