A quick guide to an art and craft station for boys and girls

craft station for girls by ikea

Crafting develops imagination. Even in this era of video games, making art projects is still something boys and girls like to do. The best way to encourage them to pursuit these activities is to set up a practical dedicated space for them.

1 | Craft desk in the kid bedroom

Every child needs a desk to do his / her homework. Double purpose furniture works the best. Why not create a crafting unit where they can do their homework as well?

If your home is large enough to have a children playroom, it is best to put the art & craft area in the kid playroom. Otherwise, place the craft area in their bedroom.

2 | Open shelving unit

Art projects can make a lot of mess so the key is to provide great storage solutions. Start with containers that neatly store the art supplies. For the kids to put them back in the shelf once they finished, think of an easy way in / out method. Open shelving unit is usually the way to go.

3 | Practical yet attractive containers

If you use open shelving, the containers must look good. Cheap and attractive is something you most likely find at IKEA. Frankly, IKEA beautifully styled this girl craft desk.

Your best bets are to get some drawer boxes plus a mix of wood, plastic and paper boxes with lids. Keep the color palette to two colors for a more refined, less crowded look. Use one of the two colors as an accent color.

The same principles apply to the design of art & craft station for adults, except for the use of the bedroom.

Paper box with lid: NOSTALGISK
Wood boxes with lids: MACKIS
Heavy duty plastic box: GLIS
Pencil holder: RISTEN
Shelf unit system: HENSVIK
Desk base system: VIKA ANNEFORS

+ Gift wrapping station

  • Jenn
    October 9, 2007 at 08:54

    i would love a crafts room for myself!
    great ideas.