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A Moon habitat party theme for a kid birthday

Moon habitat party theme for a kid birthday at Habitat

I saw a documentary about the future of the Moon exploration this week-end. It hit me as a pretty cool birthday theme for a young boy or a girl.

I recalled the realistic Moon fixture that is a part of the Very Important Products for kids Collection by UK-retailer Habitat. So that is where I started my journey. By digging their Web site further I found everything at Habitat.

The key décor elements for this kid party are the Moon pendant, the Inflatable plane, a couple of Kids bunk beds, Smoothy Monster and a red Flip Kids for playing. Just to make things more exciting for you, Smoothy Monster is creation by French fashion designer Christian Lacroix.

The idea behind this concept is to reproduce the look and feel of living on the Moon. The environment would be austere and rocky.

After the party, you can recycle the furniture and accessories to decorate your kid bedroom or playroom.

Buy online: Large box TOYBOX at – price: £70
Buy online: Inflatable plane KELVIN 40 at – price: £25
Buy online: Moon pendant MOONBUZZ at – price: £53
Buy online: Kids bunk bed SKIPPER at – price: £385
Buy online: FLIP Kids table at – price: £245
Buy online: SMOOTHY Monster at – price: £20

  • Sabina
    October 12, 2007 at 20:48

    Oh my gosh – this is the best idea!! I’ve got two little ones that have birthdays coming. I’m always looking for something original and fun. My mind is filled with all kinds of ideas related to this theme. Thanks!