A Look at Upscale Outdoor Playhouses + My Modern Favorite Playhouse

custom cape cod playhouse

custom cape cod playhouse

I was surprised when I read this article from The New York Times by the spread of high-end, custom playhouse makers. I would have never imagined building a playhouse with air conditioning, a kitchen with running water and a 32-inch flat TV on the second floor. The article clearly depicts the world of the rich and super rich niche.

But more than that, the article made me realized that the playhouse market is not only parents but also for grandparents who wish to provide their grandchildren with the best entertainment. For example, it makes perfect sense for a family gathering place on a lake. And the best thing is that the family members can pitch in (money and/or labor) to build a fun play zone for the kids.

Modern Style Playhouses

illinois modern playhouse

Personally, I would pick a modern style for my son like the ones made by Smart Playhouse. I like the clean, airy lines of the Illinois model with its eight large windows.

hobikken maxi

The Hobikken playhouse model is available in three sizes: mini, junior and maxi. It becomes a playroom outside your home.

+ Child’s Play, Grown-Up Cash from The New York Times
Illinois model from Smart Playhouse $12,485, including interior lighting
+ Hobikken playhouse by Smart Playhouse

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