A Holiday Countdown Calendar

holiday food and tableware as advent goodies

Brands often send me samples. Some of which I will talk to you while others do not make the cut of my editorial for various reasons. One thing that I like is when brands put the time to develop an original concept. I think this one is fun.

For introducing their new line of products this holiday, President’s Choice sent me a Christmas box filled with 25 PC prezzies which are my treats for the countdown until Christmas. I made the right call when I ask them for a delivery at my home instead of the office. And I was glad that my husband was there to pick up the 24-inch tall Christmas pattern box.

The Goodies, so far

To follow the advent calendar tradition, I will open one goodie every day. The goodie for December 1 was the new PC Mulled Apple Sparkling Soda that contains flavors of cinnamon and nutmeg. President’s Choice markets it as a soda inspired by the warm mulled cider.

This reminds me that it is important to provide non-alcoholic drinks during the holiday. You could develop a virgin punch for greeting children or guests who do not drink. After all, they can also have their signature drink.

President’s Choice is not just food. Today, the goodie was a cake server from the PC Home Collection Cruise flatware. Every hostess needs a few cake servers. Just take a typical Holiday pot luck party for a big family, you will need a couple cake servers for the service of the meat pies, and more for the sweet pies and cakes. For stress-free entertaining, you plan your party so you do not need to do the dishes between courses. The Cruise cake server they gave me has a simple modern design. It is sturdy and dishwasher safe. I will put it on my table.

Tourtiere recipes

serving tourtiere on chirstmas eve :: the french-canadian way

If you are interested in serving the meat pie that French-Canadians traditionally served at Christmas Eve, I got for you two recipes:

+ Tourtiere, a Quebec specialty – Meat Pie recipe on Chowhound
+ A tested Tourtiere recipe on Canadian living

Come back for more of my holiday entertaining tips.