A cool modern baby shower party for hip moms to be in Blueprint magazine

Baby shower party : Special Deliveries article by Blueprint magazineI was looking to design an inspiration board for a hip baby shower but Blueprint magazine beat me to it in their July edition.

In their Special Deliveries article, the staff of Blueprint concocted an orange and teal party theme. The modern style design looks fresh and in vogue. The beautiful color palette runs throughout the buffet.

Do not be shy to display gifts in your design. Here, the Binth alphabet poster sold at Generate store for $85 USD creates the perfect backdrop for the dessert buffet table. Inspired by Mid-Century Danish wood toys, the ABC poster designed by Suzanna Bierwirth, Peter Dunham and Linnea Gits sits perfectly with our baby shower party theme.

Making a mobile

The mobiles are cute, inexpensive and easy to make. The instructions are published on the article republished on Martha Stewart‘s Web site. If you want to play a little but with volume, you can try to mix a few spheres with the circles. Another option is to throw a few acrylic orange squirrels from the Acrylic Ornament set by Ferm Living in your mobile.

By the way, I am crafting something great for entertaining with the Acrylic Ornament set by Ferm Living; I hope to show it off by the end of next week. So stay tuned!

Blueprint Magazine used many of my favorite ideas in planning this baby shower. To name a few, I am keen on making a family photo album to introduce his/her genealogical tree to the baby. Leave out lots of blank pages to add new pictures.

What to seek in a photo album for a baby shower?

Newport photo album by Kolo :: acid free paper

Kolo produces the best photo albums in my point of view. Founded in 1998, this Connecticut-based small company reinvented the way photo albums were made and used in everyday life.

Blueprint used the Lux Cortina model. I prefer the Newport model in 8.5 X 11 inches that comes with 10 cloth-hinged sheets (20 pages). The Newport album can be expanded to 50 sheets (100 pages). I bought one for my friend at a local arts and crafts store.

The album is made of acid-free and archival quality paper. The soft creamy white tone pages are great to write comments.

I like the fact that there is no defined place to put the photos in the Newport model. You just secure the photos where you want on the page with two-way photo tape gun. I prefer the tape gun to the photo corners because the look is cleaner and it is easier to handle.

This photo album is in fact a simpler version of a scrapbook. The parents can document the pregnancy and the first years of the baby. You can add memorabilia and let your imagination flees away.

I included a couple of color pens with my gift and an archival tape gun designed especially for photos. Your friends can enjoy their gift right away when you incorporate the must-have accessories. So think about the little extra when you go shopping.

Making a CD music

Try to base your compilation to reflect the musical taste the mother as well as the motherhood theme.
I suggest a nice mix of love and nursery songs with a soft but happy beat. Do not be shy to look at least commercial artists to add diversity. You can combine old and new songs.

A final note: if you are not from the United States do not bother to try downloading the baby shower CD music from the iTunes link on the Blueprint online article, it would not work.

So I hope this post will inspire you to defy the conventional themes for an upcoming baby shower.

Buy online: Binth alphabet poster available at Generate
Buy online: Acrylic Ornament set coming soon at Ferm Living US shop
Buy online: Newport Photo albums by Kolo
Read more: The Modern Baby Shower published on Martha Stewart’s Web site from Blueprint

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    I admire kids today,they have so many choices even in such a little thing-the shower

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    August 15, 2011 at 04:03

    I recently helped organize my sister’s baby shower and she went with a pink theme. It was fun organizing and now I’m looking forward to my next baby shower.